How to brainwash the teens


Secondary Schools in Malta celebrate the international day of the Holohoax, Ow I mean the Holocaust.

This is the way our youngsters are being brainwashed. Beside the Holohoax, youngsters are being brainwashed also to accept white guilt and white genocide.

This of course, is all happening with the Approval of the Communist Education Minister- Evarist Bartolo. In collaboration with the college principal. That failed Political Idiot:
James Camilleri:

kristu u pietru

Here they are.



Malta: Illegals To Attend Classes

inte prog.png

Another spine-less move by the Labour Government.
Illegal immigrants will be given the “chance” to go to integration programme. And will be given a residence permit.

Of course, payed by the Maltese Hardworkers taxes.

Quoted from Malta Today:

Migrants who have lived in Malta for more than five years will be able to apply to enter an integration programme leading to a permanent residence permit, under a migrant integration plan launched this afternoon.

Addressing a press briefing on the new policy, equality minister Helena Dalli said an Integration Unit would be set up within the Directorate for Human Rights that would oversee the programme.

Helena Dalli, the most pathetic and idiotic of the whole Liberal Government.
Minister of Equality. What a joke! Not even her two titties are equal. So what the h*ll are you talking about?

And these classes are not compulsory. Even though I do not think it will make any difference. For the very simple reason that it is impossible to educate them and “integrate” them.


UK: Jayda Released


The Deputy leader of Britain First- Jayda Fransen was released by the Judge. Earlier Today. After being held by the Police of Northern Ireland, after recording a video near the peace wall in Belfast and criticising Islam for well known reasons.

As Britain First leader Paul Golding said in a Video, published on his social media profiles:

But, as always “Surrender is never an option!”


UK: Hero Paul Golding Arrested


Britain First leader – Paul Golding was arrested by the Police Service of Northern Ireland while accompanying deputy leader Jayda Fransen to court, where she was due to appear over so called “hate” speech charges.

The reason for Goldings arrest was over so called “hate” speech delivered at a rally in Belfast, back in 8th August 2017. This is the very same reason why Jayda Fransen was arrested in Bromley some time ago.

This event was also annouced from Deputy Leader- Jayda Fransen on her official Twitter profile:

The establishment is simply showing that they are afraid of Britain First and their truth.

Israel: Jewish Minister Order Jews To Boycott Arabs

israel m

Jewish Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that Jews should no longer visit Arab-Nations and also to boycott Arab Businesses. This for the reason that Arabs were violent in their protests, after US President Donald Trump declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

I do not think that Jews do visit Arabic countries. For the very simple reason that, most of them are not stable anymore. By all means, after Israel and the Jews intervened in such countries. And still is.

Quoted from: Jewish

The defence minister of Israel is calling for a boycott of Arab businesses where residents carried out violent protests against the US president’s recognition of Jerusalem as his country’s capital.

Avigdor Lieberman said the Arabs of Wadi Ara in northern Israel are “not part of us” and Jewish Israelis should no longer visit their villages and buy their products.

He spoke to Army Radio after hundreds of Israeli Arabs protested on Saturday along a major road.

Dozens of masked rioters hurled stones at bus and police vehicles.

Three Israeli people were wounded and several vehicles damaged.

The protests were part of a Palestinian “day of rage” following Donald Trump’s announcement that he planned to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

Mr Lieberman has long called for Wadi Ara to be incorporated into a future Palestinian state.

I mean, they are so vile.
This, Notwithstanding the fact that boycotting Israel and Jewish products is a crime. As I explained some time ago in an article I posted.


USA:Terror Attack- Bomb Set Off


Breaking news story here.

There are reports of an explosion occurring in the bus terminal of a New York City subway station. It looks like this may have been an attempted pipe bombing or suicide bombing gone wrong. The bomber seems to have blown himself up by mistake.

Police have a man in custody but have yet to identify him.

The Sun:

THERE are fears New York suffered another terror attack today following an explosion at Port Authority Bus Terminal near Times Square.

Police have yet to reveal the nature of the device but local reports suggest a suicide belt or pipe bomb detonated prematurely underground at the packed bus and train interchange.

Witnesses reported a stampede as panicked commuters rushed to escape the scene, but police said the suspect was the only person injured.

An officer reportedly told CBS News that cops are looking at a possible suicide bomber, although the situation is said to be “fluid”.

One man has been taken into police custody with non life-threatening injuries.

The New York Post citing police sources said “wires” were seen protruding from the suspect’s body in the aftermath of the blast. Police have yet to comment on this.

Here’s a few news clips on the situation.

“This is all wonderful news. It is time for the f**ke* US to get their ass kicked in!
This just shows you, that what goes around- comes around”- Bobby Fischer